Knots Red - 3 sizes

By Worldwide Rugs

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  • Knots Red - 3 sizes
  • Knots Red - 3 sizes

Material: 100% Polyester




SIZE: 2.8m x 2m,2.3m x 1.6m, 2m x 1.4m




* Non shed pile

* Easy to vacuum

* Easy to clean

* Water repellant

* Anti static

* Thick and dense

* Full thick strands

* Pile will not flatten


These Modern contemporary Shaggy Rugs will have the WOW factor in the room, the guests being amazed at the design and quality of the rug.


The rug blends thick pile and thinner strands of yarn, for a hefty feel and a dazzling look.


These shag rugs are made from 100% polyester pile, so non-shedding, Easy To Clean, Water Repellent, Antistatic, Moth Proof And Colourfast Features, making daily maintenance a breeze.